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Ramon Wedding Day – Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

I hit it off with Reba from the second I met her. I knew then that her wedding would be a fun one. Reba and Ramon met and fell in love at Pitt. They both where star athletes at Pitt (basketball and softball). Not only where they blessed with athletic ability, they are beautiful people inside and out. I had a blast being their photographer!

All the groomsmen trying to take my job.

The lighting wasn’t the best but we had to get at least one shot with the panther.

Such a stunning bride.

These little guys sprinted so fast I almost couldn’t get a picture of them.

We didn’t have much time for pictures between the ceremony and the reception but we did have time to grab these fun shots in Peterson.

This group was to much fun to post a serious picture.

Anglin Wedding Day

This Seven Spring Resort wedding was a blast for my second shooter Della and I. I am only posting a few of my favorites from the day. Sorry to Ben and his guys. Della handled all of the guys groups pictures so those will not be made public on my blog. Ben and Kate are a couple that was an honor for me to get to know. From their engagement session (click here to view the Anglin E-Session) til their big day, their love for each other can not be doubted in any picture. Have fun in Italy on your honeymoon!

Kate getting here “Pitt Pin” attached to her dress. All of her Pitt girls have warn the charm on their wedding day. So cute:)

The following two shots are some of my outtakes we are trying to get in the next Pitt Alumni Magazine. Fingers crossed!

We where a little rushed between the ceremony and the reception so we didn’t go far from the reception site for pictures. We got some great shots in a short period of time. Two people in love are easy to photograph!

The reception was a blast. As always, I had fun working with Top Dog Productions.