Thank you for your interest in my work! My name is Stephanie Strittmatter, the "lady behind the lens" of Lady of the Lens Photography. I am a photographer that specializes in weddings and engagements although I love all photography! I am a hopeless romantic that loves weddings and the roll that I play in them for my clients. Feel free to browse around my blog and see why I love my job!

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Whitaker Wedding Day – Springwood Conference Center – Verona Pa – Wedding Photographer

This was a first for me shooting at the beautiful Springwood Conference Center in Verona, PA. Emily and A.J. planned their wedding from a distance and it was a pleasure working with them and helping to make the vision that they had of their wedding come to life. I loved seeing the connection that they had with each other and being the lucky one that got to photograph their wedding.

Thank you both for trusting LOTL with your special day. It was an honor to be a part of!


DJ – Brian Bauer, Eventures Weddings

Hair- Aurora from Bliss Hair Studio

Make-up – Janneth Avila

Dress – Alfred Angelo

Soltis Wedding Day – Johnstown, PA – Wedding Photographer

This beautiful bride was up for anything! Even going in an abandoned building for some of her wedding photos. Nothing says Johnstown like old warehouses. We used a couple of her Johnstown connections to find a perfect spot in an old blacksmith mill. I was so excited for the location because it was so different.

What a great looking couple and bridal party! We had so much fun getting to know everyone on this very special day and look forward to seeing you in the future!

Henry Wedding Day – Destination Wedding – Philadelphia, PA – Wedding Photographer

I was so lucky to be able to travel outside of my normal coverage area to photograph this beautiful couple. I photographed their engagement last year and was sad that I didn’t have the date open for their wedding. Somehow the stars aligned and the date became available. It was such a great day to celebrate these two! We may not have been the best at navigating the city of Philly but my staff and I loved sharing in the love story of these two beautiful people! We wish you both the very best!

Morgan Class of 2016 – LOTL Senior Rep – Senior Photography

I have had the pleasure of watching this beautiful young women grow up through our shared connection and love of the world of wrestling. Between her stud little brother and her amazing boyfriend, Morgan has attended her share of wrestling events over the years. This lady is pretty amazing herself. Her competition cheerleading has taken her all over the country to countless national tournaments. She has a smile that you can’t help but smile back at when you see it and a personality that lights up a room. She is truly any parents dream daughter. I look forward to the second part of her senior session in the summer!

Baby Lilly – Newborn Photography

This year, like all years, I struggled to make a decision on what I would do for Lent. Normally, I give up chocolate, candy or somethings of that nature but I decided that is not really serving any purpose other than helping me to vainly avoiding holiday weight gain. This year I wanted to do something special for someone who deserved it. I wanted to give the gift of photography to someone that would truly appreciate it.

I know all to well how difficult it can be to struggle with infertility, miscarriage or any number of other things that can prevent deserving couples from becoming parents. People who have gone through this struggle understand better than anyone just what a miracle the birth of a healthy baby truly is. I decided that this year I would give away a free (no strings attached and totally free) newborn session to one deserving family. I had many fabulous couples that entered the contest. Each one deserving of winning. If only I had more time I would have loved to photograph all the new babies but my own family needs made me have to limit it to just one winner. When I read Ashley and Mike’s story, their struggles touched my heart and I knew that they would cherish these pictures forever after so many years of waiting.

They welcomed Miss Lilly into the world on April 22, 2015 and what a doll! She made me feel like a newborn photography rock star. She was just as perfect as could be and an easy model! I wish this happy family all of the very best. I only got to spend about 2 hours with them but it would have only taken a few minutes to see how great they are as parents. It was truly a rewarding experience to photograph their great gift from God!